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SyzTEXT/z - Send Text via Email or SMS text message directly from z/OS 


The SyzTEXT/z product functions with other Syzygy Automation Suite products to send text from z/OS to any Email or SMS text (Cell Phone) or Pager.


SyzTEXT/z also allows this capability fromt he operator console, or from any authorized JOB or task.


SyzTEXT/z allows the site to generate alerts to be sent via Email, Pager or SMS text (Cell Phone) message for any Automated system alert or for just about any reason. This facility allows the site to notify personnel via Email, Page or SMS TEXT (cellphone) message automatically with up to 100 characters of message. Any number of TEXT messages can be sent to any number of addresses or cell phones at a time.


SyzTEXT/z Installation and Users Guide V5



SyzTEXT/z is priced at $5,000 per Physical Processor Complex. 

                                                                                                  Special Government and Educational Discounts are available.

                                                                                                  Special limited time 25% to 50% discount for members of IBM-Main

*SPECIAL OFFER:  Purchase SyzTEXT/z along with any other Syzygy product and the price of SyzTEXT/z will be reduced.