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SyzSPOOL/z  -  z/OS Spool Management Facility (JES/2 Only)

Offload spool data, manage and archive, and display via TSO/ISPF or via the www web interface facility
Version 7 now provides for automatic delivery of output in PDF or text format via eMail (or SMS text link).

                    No extra software is necessary on the client-side browser !!!!!

 High capability JES/2 Spool Offload facility.  Allows the automated management of JES2 spool datasets (all JOBs, Started Tasks, etc.) to sequential files underVolume or DF/SMS control, providing a secure (RACF, ACF/2, Top Secret) method to manage and archive spool data. Full Management class support for managed spool data.

Product details

 SyzSPOOLz Product Flow


Any z/OS data center can use SyzSPOOL/z to offload all or part of the JES2 spool datasets to separate COMPRESSED sequential datasets under full user volume control or DF/SMS dataset control retaining access security via the sites already installed security product (RACF, ACF/2, Top Secret).  The files can be archived under control of the data centers normal IBM HSM or Innovation's FDR/ABR supported control.  The output may be sent via email or FTP on demand.

 The output can be viewed via the included ISPF/PDF interface, or the Web Interface from most client-side browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), and the output is protected via the mainframe system's security product.  Output can also be sent via Email or FTP in any of several formats, (PDF, WORD, ZIP, etc.).

 The data center will no longer have to print or delete output just because it's reached a "certain" age or because the JES spool can't hold the data any more, they can manage all of the sites' output and place it under the control of their choice of management facilities, i.e. HSM, FDR/ABR, DMS, or simple DASD for archive management or send the output to individual users via Email or FTP. Version 7 of SyzSPOOL/z wil allow the output to be automatically sent upon receipt from JES to a designated eMail address in PDF or text format, or a link to the output data can be sent via SMS text to any authorized cell phone.

 SyzSPOOL/z runs constantly 24x7 and since it takes advantage of IBM's new SAPI interface to JES2 it uses only a small amount of resources to process the output.  SyzSPOOL/z can be configured to extract or exclude the spool datasets on any of a number of JOB/Task output criteria:

 Output Class            Userid              Job Name                 Age            Writer name            Page Count         Output Queue

 Form                       Job Number      Destination               Linecount    Spool Volumes        and many others.....

 The output files are dynamically created and can be manipulated manually if desired with any user or IBM standard utility like IEBGENER, DF/dss, etc.  The output remains under full security server control (i.e. RACF, ACF/2, Top Secret) and can be emailed to any authorized user or sent via FTP.

When the output is processed by SyzSpool, the job's submittor (or whoever the NOTIFY is set to) will receive a TSO notify or EMAIL (if defined) to tell them that the output has been processed.

Produt manual.


SyzSPOOL/z is priced at $10,500 per Physical Processor Complex.     SyzMAIL/z can be added for just $2,500 with a license for SyzSPOOL/z

Special Government and Educational Discounts are available.

Special discount for members of IBM-Main and/or SHARE

*SPECIAL OFFER:  Purchase SyzSpool along with SyzMPF/z, SyzAUTO/z and/or SyzCMD/z and the price of all products will be reduced.