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SyzMPF/z - z/OS Message Processing Facility for console message traffic automation.

With patented features that no other console message traffic automation product can match!!!

  • Automaticially SEND, via EMAIL or SMS text (twitter feed via IFFFT), any information indluding:
  • Current step, or end of JOB MaxCC (Maximum Condition Code) and StepCC's from any or all steps.
  • Attach any (or all) sysout from the running or ended task with NO JCL CHANGES required to any JOB or task.
SyzMPF/z Product Flow

Version 6 of SyzMPF/z now available (as of January 2023) with:

  • No changes to any JCL is every necessary to use SyzMPF/z.
  • Create any dynamic operator command in immediately implement it.
  • Automatic eMail of MaxCC and StepCC's at task end now in HTML and/or TEXT formats.
  • Attach almost any file or JES dataset (JCL, MESSAGES, etc.)
  • Process console or SYSLOG messages by ID, any word within the message, any Substring within the message, etc.
  • Generate message logs and attach them to any email or SMS text.
  • Allows "OR" and "AND" capability on "IF" command statements.
  • More interactive variables available to all scripts.
  • New Quick Reply support (automatic replies via standard MPFLST without any scripts or extra processing).
  • New SKIP and GOTO support with return capability.


SyzMPF/z, the Console Message Processing Facility, allows the z/OS site to respond to any Console-type message with predefined scripts allowing complete interactive control of any console situation or message and adds the ability to "roll your own" operator commands. SyzMPF/z provides an automated means for answering any request or responding to any console based event, (job end, start, abend, message from any job or task, etc.). In short, any console event or message can be handled by the facilities of SyzMPF/z.

The SyzMPF/z utility is designed to provide the z/OS data center with the capability of automatically processing z/OS console message traffic and executing simple or complex "scripts" of MVS, JES, CICS, DN/2, IMS, USS or any other existing system or subsystem commands. The facilility contains a simple yet powerful script language whcih can control all aspect of the message streams (color, highlighting, etc.) and respond to any event or condition with logic designed to automate all processes on the z/OS site. The scripting language allows (via the SyzMAIL/z interface), eMail and SMS text to be sent to notify personnel of any condition or even to inform any user (via eMail or SMS text) of the ending of ANY task, including the Maximum condition code, and all step condition codes, all without any JCL modifications necessary

The site may completely create their own Console commands using SyzMPF/z to perform any function or respond to any situation automatically and with full control over the envirionment of the data center.

SyzMPF/z can be used to automate the operating systems IPL, Shutdown, controlling and monitoring CICS, DB/2 the TCP/IP or VTAM network, and almost any other task that issues messages to the operator console or hardcopy log. The product can execute commands and perform complex functions that would otherwise not be possible.

 SyzMPF/z is not simply a "dumb" scripting facility for issuing commands to respond to console traffic, it has a advanced scripting "language" to use the many special features for determining what needs to be done and when. The utility provides a very simple to learn scripting language that allows the site to harness extremely powerful command logic, including nested IF/THEN/ELSE logic.

 Facilities are provided to allow the site to perform script/command logic only IF some task is active, or not active, or only if (or if not) a certain day of the week, or time of day, plus many other valuable commands.

 There are over 100 "special" internal logic commands built in to the SyzMPF/z facility with more under development.

Example Automatic Email message (default message with Condition codes and attachments) no JCL changes necessary and no special scripting was necessary to create this email):

Example Email message from SyzMPF/z

Another sample:

Second sample email



Product details  

The site can process console message traffic utilizing several functional capabilities such as: Executing commands only if a specific task (or tasks) is (or is not) active. Commands can be issued based on time of day, day of week, and esoteric elements such as if something else is running or not running at the time, and many more functions are available as part of the product.

 This utility will allow the user to execute MVS or JES2 commands with a complex scripting capability in response to any system message. The functions can be based on other active variables or logistic information.

 Inexpensive cost. Extremely easy to understand and implement. Able to be supported by non-experienced personnel.  Inexpensive way to manage large computing environments.  Easily justified based on savings in training and the wealth of built-in features. 

 SyzMPF/z Version 6 Installation and Users Guide.pdf  


SyzMPF/z is priced at $7,500 per Physical Processor Complex.    SyzMAIL/z can be added for just $2,500 with a license for SyzMPF/z

Special Government and Educational Discounts are available.

*SPECIAL OFFER:  License SyzMPF/z along with SyzCMD/z, SyzAUTO/z or SyzSPOOL/z and the price of all products will be reduced.