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SyzMAIL/z - Create and send Email from any Syzygy product or authorized program

Automatically send Max Condition code and Step Condition codes via eMail or SMS text
(*requires SyzMPF/z or SyzCMD/z)


SyzMAILz Product Flow

Version 4 of this product is now available as of January 2023.

The SyzMAIL/z product is a full featured method for sending eMail that was created from any supported Syzygy product at any time during it's execution,
whether during SyzCMD/z script processing, Console mesage processing in SyzMPF/z, or any other processing mode.
The products can be set to automatically create an email to send the Maximum condition code AND the detail of each steps condition codes (plus other important information)
and send that via eMail or SMS text message (cell phone or smart phone) to any authorized email address on corporate network or (if allows via site controls)
to any eMail address on the internet.

SyzMAIL/z Version 4 Installation and Users Guide

An API will be made available to include this same support for any program the site wishes to enable it


Sample of email sent from job ended script of SyzMPF/z (no JCL was changed to produce this email).

SyzMAIL/z is priced at $7,500 per Physcial Processor Complex.

Special Government and Educational Discounts are available.

*SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase SyzMAIL/z along with ANY other Syzygy Automation product for only $2,500