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SyzCMD/z  -  z/OS Command Scripting Facility - Fully interactive operator and System command scripting for z/OS


 SyzCMDz Product Flow

 The current version is Version 10 (as of January 2023)

The SyzCMD/z utility is designed to provide the "authorized" user with the capability of executing simple or complex "scripts" of MVS, JES2, JES3, CICS, DB/2, or Unix System Services (USS) commands from within a batch job or started task. The command(s) can be issued from the PARM parameter on the EXECute card or from the parameter script file both.


SyzCMD/z can be used to automate the operating systems IPL, Shutdown, controlling and monitoring CICS, DB/2 the TCP/IP or VTAM network, and almost any operator function in between. The product can be called from within "authorized" high level programs to execute commands and perform functions that would otherwise not be possible.


SyzCMD/z is not simply a "dumb" scripting facility for issuing commands, it has a direct interface with your sites security system (RACF, ACF/2, TOP/Secret) and will allow an "authorized" user to use the many special features for determining what needs to be done and when. The utility provides a very simple scripting language that allows the "authorized" user to harness extremely powerful command logic, including nested IF/THEN/ELSE logic.


Facilities are provided to allow the "authorized" user to perform script/command logic only IF some task is active, or not active, or only if (or if not) a certain day of the week, or time of day.


There are over 100 "special" internal logic commands built in to the SyzCMD/z facility with more under development.

Product details

Version 8 through 10 Updates:

Persistent variables Allow site to create, update and delete persistent variables and data to pass information between scripts and even tasks for the duration of the current IPL.
Non-Persistent variables Allow site to create, update and delete variables that persist for the length of a specific task, such that when that task ends, the variable automatically gets deleted.
IF <variable> command allow to check for the existence or the contents of a specific variable.
Dynamic EMail/SMS text support Ful support for sending Email and SMS text from any script.
Attach files to email Dynamically create and attach files to an email.
Create LOG files Dynamically create and write to files of any size.
Generic Naming Support Taskname, and other command operations my use generic naming instead of static.
Interactive (ASKOPER) support Dynamically ask questions and receive answers from the System Operator.
IF DATE commands Allow more complex date checking (first/last dates, intervals, etc.)
If TOUCHED (when) command Check if a dataset has been "touched" and when (today, yesterday, this week, thismonth, etc.)
IF EXISTS command Check if a dataset or resource exists.
Console message processing Monitor and process console messages as they happen. Use any or all of the first 50 words of the message.
Full support for all JOB/STC parms The script may now query all available JOBCARD/Environment variables
Dynamic Variables Dynamically create variables that can be updated in any way, add/subtract/substring, etc.
Create files and logs Crate any size file of any name or filetype to be passed to anything or edited/attached to email/sms

Version 7.3 Updates:

MLWTO support Allows site to issue MLWTO messages instead of single line messages
Library and script identification SyzCMD/z now displays the Library and sript name being processed
Additional TOTAL fields added Several new fields were added to the end of script support messages as requested by users.

Vesion 7.2 Updates:

SyzFMT support Minor fixes and updates of all modules to support new SyzFMT internal messaging.

Version 7.1 Updates:

IF MYOWNER command Allow site to test the UserID of the person or task that started the script.
IF MYSTEP command Allow site to check the JCL STEP that this script is executing in.
IF MYPSTEP command Allow site to check the JCL ProcStep that this script is executing in.
IF SUBMSTR command Allows site to determine if this script is executing under control of JES or the Master Scheduler (i.e. at IPL)
IF TYPE command Allows the site to test if this script is executing as part of a Batch JOB, Started Task, TSO user session or APPC
Made all commands "free form" Allow site to use any number of spaces between command "parts".

Vesion 7 Updates:

Full "GOTO" Support skip to any label within a command script (full support to stop endless loops)
SHOWSYSTEMVALUES command shows z/OS system, LPAR and physical hardware values on the system console and syslog
REXX Support Allow execution of REXX commands and EXECs from within SyzCMD/z
IF RexxCC command Allow the script to interrogate the success/failure of the included REXX command/EXEC
PARMLIB updates Allow SyzCMD/z startup and execution parameters to be set in teh SYstem Parmlib concatonation
SIMULATE command Allow script commands to be "simulated" to the system for testing purposes.
++INCLUDE support Allow other SyzCMD/z scripts to be "included" within the current script
GOBACK command Allow direct goback from ++INCLUD(ed) script to base scipt
WAIT interruption Most SyzCMD/z internal "wait" based commands can now be interupted by the operator at any time.
EXIT/STOPCODE now support CC's Set a specific EXIT code ort STOP code which can be checked via standard JCL condition code checking



The user can utilize several functional capabilities such as: Executing commands only if a specific task (or tasks) is (or is not) active. Commands can be issued based on time of day, day of week, and esoteric elements such as if something else is running or not running at the time, and many more functions are available as part of the product.

 This utility will allow the user to execute MVS or JES2 commands with a complex scripting capability within a batch job or started task. The functions can be based on other active variables or logistic information.

 Inexpensive cost. Extremely easy to understand and implement. Able to be supported by non-experienced personnel.  Inexpensive way to manage large computing environments.  Easily justified based on savings in training and the wealth of built-in features.

 Some of those features include:

 Nested IF/THEN/ELSE capabiltity (up to 8 levels)

 IF logic for Whether or not a particular JOB/STC/TSO user is started (or not), If specific VOLSERs or Units are ONLINE (or OFFLINE), Day of Week, Time of day, LPAR ID (system ID), and more!!!

 Cause the script to "WAIT" for a specific "thing" to happen, like for a specific JOB to start, or a specific time of day, or any of many variable items including (a Syzygy exclusive) for VTAM to not only be started but be ready for work without requiring any VTAM changes to support this function.

Provide the ability to reply to outstanding messages without regard to their reply-id's or even knowing the complete text or message ID of the message.  You can reply to "ANY" outstanding message for a JOB/STC/USER, or to all messages that are currently outstanding.

 Pause from 1 second to 9999 hours, or "until" a specific time of day.

SyzCMD/z Version 10 Installation and Users Guide.pdf


SyzCMD/z is priced at $7,500 per Physical Processor Complex.    SyzMAIL/z can be added for just $2,500 with a license for SyzCMD/z

Special Government and Educational Discounts are available for IBM-MAIN and SHARE members.

*SPECIAL OFFER:  License SyzCMD/z along with SyzMPF/z, SyzAUTO/z or SyzSPOOL/z and the price of all products will be reduced.