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SyzAUTO/z  -  z/OS Automatic (Time Of Day) Commands Scheduler and JOB Submittal System

(like "Cron" for z/OS!!!) 

SyzAUTO/z provides for 24x7 Command, JOB and Started Task execution and scheduling via a simple and easy to use Time of Day based entries.

Ad-hoc control is available via simple operator modify commands. and provides for time-of-day/day-of-week automatic commands and JOB/task scheduling.

Submit any JOB(s), start any task(s), issue any operator command(s)

Any time, Any day, Any year


SyzAUTO/z Installation and Users Guide V9.0




 SyzAUTOz Diagram

***The Current Version is 9.1 as of January 2023

Once active, SyzAUTO/z will process user defined commands, JOBs and Tasks by minute, hour, day of week, month, year or any combination of these. SyzAUTO/z also supports operator modify commands (on demand) to either submit JOBs to the Internal Reader, start Tasks or execute Commands. Restart window to perform work missed due to an IPL or system outage.


Allow an easy way of presenting Batch JOBs to z/OS and JES via a simple and easy to use operator modify command.          

Allow an easy way of presenting multiple commands to z/OS, CICS, DB/2, IMS, JES (and any other subsystem) via a simple operator modify command.      

Allow for time-of-day/day-of-week automatic commands (just like CRON for z/OS).


Inexpensive cost, less than 10% of our closest competitors price. Extremely easy to understand and implement. Able to be supported by non-experienced operations personnel.  Provides a cost effective way to manage large computing environments.  SyzAUTO/z is easily justified based on wealth of features and ease of training.

Version 9 Enhancements

Schedule commands via interval (every nnnn hours and/or minutes).

Now support for any year scheduling. You are now able to schedule envents or commands (or anything else SyzAuto/z can do) and specify that it happens for or on a specific year.

• Main modules re-written to support 64-bit operation.
• Every internal “IF” command now has a supported ELSE entry via “|” vertical bar use.
• All internal SyzAUTO/z commands are enclosed in Less-Than and Greater-Than characters, i.e. <IFSTARTED=taskname> do something | do something else.
• New internal commands added, including SUBMIT, (see this guide).
• New IFWEEK1,2,3,4 command which allows the site to issue a command or start a job if the day is (or ELSE is not) within the first, second, third or fourth week of the month (i.e. second Monday of the month would be the Monday of the second week)
• New IFLDOM provides support for issuing a command or starting a job only IF it is (or is not) the last day of the month
• New IFLWOM (and IFLWEEK) provide support for issuing a command or starting a job if it is (or is not) the last week of the month (i.e. the last Sunday of the month can be handled in this manner)
• New IFSYSPLEX internal command provides support for issuing a command or starting a job/task if it is (or is not) queried to be a certain sysplex.
• Ability to submit a job/task from within a command line entry without coding the “F stepname,JOBNAME”. Now the site can replace the “F stepname” with simply the “SUBMIT” keyword. This means that you no longer need to know the stepname of the SyzAUTO/z you are running under to be able to submit

Version 7 Enhancements • SyzAUTO/z no longer requires the use of “real” JCL DD’s for the allocation of datasets used by the program. All of these datasets can be dynamically allocated via parameters located in the start configuration member of the system parmlibconcatenation. If the site elects not to use the system parmlib concatenation, the a //COMMANDS DD must be used so that SyzAUTO/z can either locate the startup parameters in that library. If all else fails, SyzAUTO/z will attempt to find a dataset called “SYS1.COMMANDS”, failing that determination, SyzAUTO/z will stop operation after producing messages that outline the lack of the COMMANDS dataset. Programmed defaults for all settings are located later in this manual.
• New feature – Restart Window. This feature allows the site to stop and start SyzAUTO/z and not lose any scheduled events. Startup settings are available to go back as far as (currently) up to 24 hours to perform all or selected events which were missed while SyzAUTO/z was inactive. In the event of an IPL, when SyzAUTO/z is restarted, it will compute the amount of time that it was inactive and, depending on the settings, perform any missed events.
• New Feature – Command Log. This feature allows the site to create and maintain a detailed log of commands and other scheduled events that SyzAUTO/z has performed. The detail is controlled by startup parameters and is configurable after startup via new operator commands.
• New Feature - Reply to outstanding WTORs. SyzAUTO/z now supports the ability to respond to console requests. The capability exists to respond by number, by messageID, or by the task that issued the request. The response can be any text provided, including variables.
• New Operator Command - SIMulate command comparator. This internal command allows for the simulation of activities which SyzUTO/z performs. It is meant as a testing vehicle only and would normally not be used in actual day to day operations.
• New Operator Command – RESET/REFRESH. When a new event is added to the SyzAUTO/z command PDS, if the event was to take place BEFORE the next already scheduled event, SyzAUTO/z had to be restarted to change the next scheduled event time, but now the RESET/REFRESH command makes that restart unnecessary. RESET/REFRESH causes SyzAUTO/z to recomputed the next scheduled event.
• New feature – comparative command logic. Several new commands have been added to SyzAUTO/z (see detail below for individual commands) so that SyzAUTO/z can perform individual events or commands “only IF” the comparative logic is true. i.e. issue a command only if running on a certain LPAR, or only if a specific task is running (or not running). This exciting new feature is expected to be enhanced over time even more. Currently, only one command operator is allowed per commandline, but there is no limit to the number of command lines in a event member of the //COMMANDS PDS. The comparative command is ended by the use of a semi-colon “;”. Any supported command or operation can follow the semi-colon. Preceding spaces are removed (the command is then left-justified).
• New Operator Command – NEXT/PREV. These two operator commands allow the console operator or user to query SyzAUTO/z for the next scheduled event or the previous executed event time.
• New Operator Command – DEBUG. This command causes SyzAUTO/z to start (or stop) detailed debugging messages to the command log dataset. These messages provide a detailed look into what SyzAUTO/z is doing and when/why.
• New Comparative Commands – IFSTARTED and IFSTOPPED. This command is used on the individual command line of the scheduled command within a timed event (or any event) @hhmm member. If used, it will execute the remainder of the command only IF the TASK which is the object of the command is active. i.e.
The above command “F CICS001,CEMT P SHUT” will only be executed by SyzAUTO/z if the task “CICS001” is found to be active. Similarly,
Will start CICS001 only if it is found that the CICS001 task is NOT active (i.e. is STOPPED).
• New Comparative Command – IFSYSID. This command, when used, will execute the event only IF SyzAUTO/z is executing under the control of the specified SYSID. i.e.
The above command to submit batch job “PRD1XA’ from the JOB02 dataset will only be performed if the current SYSID that this copy of SyzAUTO/z is running on is “PROD01”.
• New Comparative Command – IFLPAR. This command, when used, will execute the event only IF SyzAUTO/z is executing under the named LPAR. i.e.
IFLPAR=TESTA; $S ALLwill issue the JES “$S ALL” command only IF SyzAUTO/z is running on LPAR “TESTA”
• New Comparative Command – WTO. Unlike previous comparative commands, this one does not support a controlled event, it does however allow the site to issue a WTO to the console (up to 110 characters in length). i.e.
WTO=This is a test
Will issue the WTO “This is a test” to the operator console.
• New Comparative Command – WTOH. These two commands are very similar to the previous WTO command except that it will issue the WTO and make it highlighted and have it “stick” to the console so that the operator will see it and have to take action to remove it from the console.
• New Comparative Command – SUBMIT. This operator command is similar to the issuance of “F A,jobname” but does not require the site to know the step-name of the SyzAUTO/z task. It is intended for use internally. i.e.
The above command will submit a job for batch execution, optionally the site can use the “,D=nn” operation to control the JOBnn dataset that SyzAUTO/z is to use to submit the BATCH JOB from.
• New //LOG DD has been added for use by SyzAUTO/z. If the site provides the DD, then SyzAUTO/z will use it for the command log file, (if directed to in the startup commands). If the DD is not provided or if it is not identified in the startup, SyzAUTO/z will not keep a command or DEBUG log.
• New VSAM Window file. This file us used by SyzAUTO/z to control the windowing feature(s) of the product. It is VERY small (less than 1 track of DASD is required) and is only accessed when SyzAUTO/z performs event work. This file may be read by other facilities or site programs, but should not be written to, except under control of SyzAUTO/z. If the file is not defined, Windowing will not be performed, or possible. The increase in resources used by SyzAUTO/z to maintain this file has been measured to be 1.4 extra seconds of CPU time per MONTH of operation on a heavily used (over 5,ooo SyzAUTO/z commands/day) site.


SyzAUTO/z is priced at $7,500 per Processor Complex (Physical Processor). 

Special Governemnt and Educational Discounts and discounts for IBM-MAIN and SHARE members are available. 


*SPECIAL OFFER:  Purchase SyzAuto/z along with SyzMPF/z, SyzCMD/z or SyzSPOOL/z and the price of all products will be reduced.