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The Systems Experts

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Syzygy Incorporated
"The Systems Experts"

Syzygy Incorporated provides z/OS Systems Programming technical support, training, local and remote systems programming and consulting services to clients located throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Mexico. Available around the clock, throughout the year, Syzygy has helped clients become more efficient, productive and cost-effective by applying the latest technology to complex information processing problems.

Who is Syzygy Incorporated and what can we do for you? 

     Syzygy Incorporated was founded in 1980, reorganized in 1985  and incorporated in 1990 in Cary, North Carolina, just outside the Research Triangle Park area.  Syzygy is headquartered in Pismo Beach, California with satellite offices in California, North Carolina, Washington D.C., Hawaii and Colorado.  Each facility has access to all the others through a proprietary Syzygy developed Wide Area Network (WAN). Syzygy provides 24 hour customer phone support and total systems programming support and development to its clients from the various distributed facilities. Syzygy provides support for both commercial and government clients. The largest client group includes large commercial organizations, manufacturing companies, banks, telecommunications firms, Data Processing hardware and software manufacturers, and a variety of other businesses and educational institutions.



     Syzygy Incorporated was originally created because of a very definite lack of technical systems programming expertise that existed within the data processing industry. As technology moves forward and expands, the shortage of highly technically qualified personnel becomes greater. Most companies have fluctuating needs in their information systems departments, but find it difficult or impossible to change numbers or types of personnel to match those fluxes. Companies are finding it more expensive to continuously educate their personnel at a time when the pace of technological breakthroughs seem to increase exponentially. Those companies frequently turn to Syzygy to supply technical support in combinations and technical levels which are unequaled at any other consulting firm in existence today. Syzygy also generates a quarterly newsletter for present and past clients which details potential hardware and software problems which the customer may wish to act on, as well as product evaluations and other hints and tips which are intended to aid clients and provide a forum to answer some questions which may apply to multiple sites.


          Syzygy markets a leading edge z/OS mainframe automation suite which is comprised of industry leading technology as well as a sophisticated, yet easy to use Spool Management product that allows the site to manage their job and task output and keep it available to their users from ISPF/PDF or from any standard Web browser like Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, etc.  While these products are ground-breaking in their capabilities, they are priced at a small fraction of the competition.


     Syzygy Incorporated is committed to solving our client's technology problems and to provide education and support unparalleled in the industry.

Why do I need Syzygy Incorporated? 


Syzygy Incorporated supports companies with z/OS, z/OS.e, z/VM, or z/Linux systems with installation, migration, maintenance, education, setup and management of complex mainframe systems. We operate worldwide and independent of any hardware or software vendor.


We accomplish this by playing an active role with various system managed tasks. Also, we achieve this by educating individual staff members.


This enables Syzygy Incorporated to create additional value for companies. Individual staff members will be educated, and in time, are well prepared to be able to solve future problems and challenges.


When a company temporarily doesn't have the right person with specific skills we can advise and support customers, based on Syzygy Incorporated's more than 25 years of experience helping clients.


Syzygy focuses Mainframe Systems Programming of z/OS, z/OS.e, z/VM, or z/Linux services, varying from system programming to consultancy and from migrations, trainings to project management.


We organize training and courses for companies who have z/OS, z/OS.e, z/VM, or z/Linux and other systems.


Syzygy Incorporated is independent of any hardware or software vendor.
All our z/OS, z/OS.e, z/VM, or z/Linux services are characterized by quality and proficiency.


Syzygy Incorporated maintains the highest level of z/OS, z/OS.e,  z/VM, or z/Linux skills and experiences. This enables us to complete our client's projects successfully.


Syzygy Incorporated

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